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Representative Selection

Members interested in representing Glenmore will be required to play and complete an average of 2 handicapped club competitions per month between in the four months leading into the relevant pennant competition, i.e. minimum of eight valid handicapped individual competition cards will be regarded as the minimum requirement.

It is also preferred that those who wish to represent the club take part in all four rounds of the club championships.

To be eligible for selection to any of the Glenmore Representative (Pennant) sides members must be a Full, Colt Intermediate or Junior member (refer to the membership category page under the membership tab).

As a guide, team selection for each week of pennant play will be based on the lowest exact handicap of players in the squad from the Saturday of week before. Team management still has the option of changing the playing team on the day.

Currently, our pennant teams are represented as follows

NSW Major Pennants

Players: Andrew Robb, Mathew Turton, Steve Zingle, Paul Ritchie, Jef Shearim, Matthew Mayers, Craig Fox, Matt Talley, Brendan Hughes, Duane Orth, Dean Franshaw

Caddies: Steve "Pidge" Russell (Senior caddy and mentor to the others), Paul Groves, Brent Harris, Will Hoven

Manager: Dennis Auld

Mixed Pennants

Clinton Smith, Ty Phu, Todd Tamruksa, Matt Gulli, Scott Sligar, John Csosz, Stacey South, Dot Willmington, Juanita Robb, Judy Towns, Carole McConnell, Sarah Dean, Judy Page, Tanya Towell

Manager: Frank Kuiters

Masters Pennants

To Be advised

Manager: Sue Buckley


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